Unforgettable wedding, baptism and communion venue at the Cortijos Los Naranjos de San Juan Hotel (Seville, Spain)

At the Cortijo Los Naranjos de San Juan Hotel, in Las Cabezas de San Juan (close to Seville, in Spain), we are aware that, being an Andalusian cortijo for weddings and other banquets and celebrations, our finca has a very important role as a venue in contributing that everything turns out perfectly.


Therefore, we adapt fully to all the requirements of a family celebration, so that your wedding, or the communion or baptism of your children, becomes an unforgettable day.

Did you know that in our Andalusian finca we have 7 dining halls for weddings, baptisms and communions, as well as for other celebrations and banquets? With capacities ranging from 15 to 800 guests, we guarantee that you will find the perfect venue for your event in Seville (Spain).

A very special wedding in a charming finca? In our Andalusian cortijo hotel in Las Cabezas de San Juan

Think of an Andalusian style dream wedding: a natural venue, a cortijo near Seville, a pleasant garden, great gastronomy, a perfectly decorated dining hall, a relaxing time in our jacuzzis and being able to stay in our hotel after the wedding…
A unique celebration deserves a unique memory. Therefore, in Cortijo Los Naranjos de San Juan Hotel you will find the perfect banquet for the wedding that you wish to celebrate, in Las Cabezas de San Juan.

An Andalusian finca or a cortijo in Seville can be a different and authentic venue to celebrate a wedding, a baptism or a communion. In addition to its pleasant surrounding and charming facilities, the youngest guests will have a great time playing in the garden and in the pool.

Communions and baptisms: the perfect venue for a banquet with children

In communions and in baptisms, children are the most important ones. Therefore, in our finca we are fully prepared to celebrate a communion or a baptism banquet, where we will make sure that children have lots of fun.
Thus, in addition to our special menus for children for the banquet, they will love the venue in our Andalusian finca: a garden, a playground for children and a large swimming pool.

Check with Cortijo Los Naranjos de San Juan Hotel the availability to celebrate the communion or the baptism of your children, or other celebrations and banquets. We will be happy to assist you.

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